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Uruguay: a small yet big country
        Uruguay is a very beautiful small sized South American country, often known as the heart-shaped country. Although Uruguay's geographical size is very small, it is a faithful representation of the fact that quality can not be measured depending on quantity, since its people, its lands, its attractions and its coastlines are of a really good quality.

Location: The northeast of Argentina in the South American Continent.
Surface: 176,215 km ²
Population: 3.5 million
Language: Spanish
Capital: Montevideo
Government: Democratic
Economy: Agriculture, Cattle ranch, Forestation, Minerals and are the exporting major of Software of Latin America.
Education: It is the country with greater index of Alphabetization of Latin America.
            Catholics        66%
            Atheists         31%
            Protestants     2%
            Jews               1%
        Brother and friendly beloveds, Uruguay is considered the  atheistic country and second less of the American Continent, the cemetery of the Missionaries or Missions, and know that really it is a country that has a great necessity, nevertheless we think that our God is All-powerful and great in mercy and we said like Josue and Caleb:
..... it is earth in great good way. If Jehovah will be pleased at us, he will take us earth to this and us he will give ..... Nm.14:8-9

Brother, you can be part of this great work, you can be part than God this doing in this country, How?
                                         1) - Intercede-Pray
                                         2) - Invest-Support
                                         3) - Involved-Go

Customs of the Country:
        Uruguayans are united by several traditions which are one of the main factors giving shape to the country's culture. Among these traditions we can name, for example, drinking "mate". The "mate", a beverage typical of the region, is a way through which Uruguayans socialize, and through it they could even recognize another fellow-citizen at any other spot in the world. Some other traditional elements of Uruguay are its music, the typical meals, and the "rambla" walks, among many more.

Tourist PLaces:
        Uruguay, with a size of about 187.000 km2, has about 500 kilometers of coastline full of attractive sandy beaches. Some of these beaches, mainly Montevideo ones, are on the Rio de la Plata, while the most attractive ones are towards the northern area of the coast, on the Atlantic Ocean.


Jesus was very specific when he said:

       ¨The grain is much, but the workers few, you request then to the Lord of grain, that sends workers to his mies¨

    ¨La mies is much, but the workers few, you request then to the Gentleman of mies, that sends workers to his mies¨

    Brothers we know that the Loord has a tremendous work for our family in Uruguay, please pray by us.

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