Evangelistic Ministry Uruguay - El Lugar


     For the evangelistic ministry in Uruguay of the Christian Missionary Church  ¨El Lugar,¨ it is a great privilege to be able to collaborate with the local churches.  Doing it in this way, we believe to be contributing to the divine intention of the Lord to build a pure church without spots or wrinkles in order to reach the lost ones.

    We believe firmly that we are privileged people, to been had by worthy to be in the Ministry, serving the Lord, the brothers and at to help them be saved.

    Brothers, we want to be thankful to them by yours prays and all economic support help for our family and ministry, totally we are convinced that the Lord will know to replace and to compensate to them.

Cristian, Zaida, Stephanie and Josúe
Phone:  (598)02-3649382 / (589) 097-187066
E-mail:  meu.montaldi@gmail.com
E-mail:  meu.zaida@gmail.com
Skipe:  meu.montaldi
Web-Page:  www.familiamontaldi.es.tl

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