Evangelistic Ministry Uruguay - El Lugar
  Our Testimony

Testimony Student
        In year 1999 we went to study in the Biblical Institute Word of Life in Argentina, were three years precious to know but our Savior, to whom it gave its life by us. There we knew ourselves with Zaida and God united our lives.

        After to graduate us in the 2001, and we went to Costa Rica, there we married the 21 of September of the 2002, and immediately we entered full-time to serve to the Lord through Ministry Word as Life, we did it by 5 years, and after we happened to comprise of the equipment of the Missionary Christian Church El Lugar, the time in Costa Rica were precious years to know but God, to share its Word and to see many people receiving Christ, and obvious to know precious brothers.
    At the moment we continued serving to God full-time in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, entrusted by the Missionary Christian Church El Lugar of Costa Rica.

        One you see but thanks to visit the Web and in the other bottons we are going to tell to you what is the vision of our Ministry, Prayers Request, information of Uruguay, which we are doing and as to be part than God it is doing here.

God bless you rich
With Love in Christ
Montaldi Family

Cristian, Zaida, Stephanie and Josúe
Phone:  (598)02-3649382 / (589) 097-187066
E-mail:  meu.montaldi@gmail.com
E-mail:  meu.zaida@gmail.com
Skipe:  meu.montaldi
Web-Page:  www.familiamontaldi.es.tl
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