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  Our Faith

Our faith

1. We think that the holy scriptures, as much the Old Testament as the New Testament verbally is inspired by God and they do not contain error in the original one; constituting the supreme and final authority for the faith and the life.
II Peter 1:20 - 21, II Timothy 3:16 - 17.

2. We believe in the lifting and creative of Universe, eternally existing God in three people: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Genesis 1:1, John 4:24, II Chorintian 13:14.

3. We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, its virginal birth, His life without sin, His death to pay the pain of our sins, His corporal resurrection, His glorification to the right hand of God, His imminent and premilenial personal return.
John 1:12, Luke 1:35, Hebrew 4:14 - 16.

4. Creemos que todos los hombres han pecado y por tanto son culpables ante Dios y están bajo condenación.
Romanos 3:23 / 5:12 / 6:23 / Efesios 2:1.
4. We believe that all the men have sinned and therefore they are guilty before God and they are under condemnation.
Romans 3:23/5:12/6:23/Ephesian 2:1.

5. We believe that all those that receive to Jesus Christ by the faith, are born again by the work from the Holy Spirit and are therefore children of God, being eternally save and that the Holy Spirit  dwells in each believer to illuminate to him, and to guide and to give to him to be able necessary for his life, testimony and service.
John 10:28 - 29, Romans 8:38 - 39, Galathian5: 13.

6. We believe that the Church is a spiritual organism, make of people born from the Holy Spirit, who is the body of Christ and he is the Head. His purpose is to proclaim the gospel and to reunite to people for adoration and construction.
1 Chorintian 12:12; Ephesian 1:22 - 23/4:11 - 16.

7. We believe that God gives Spiritual gifts to all the believers for the construction of the body of Christ, nevertheless, we also believe that some gifts of the Spirit, such as the languages, interpretation of Languages, Prophecies and the health, evidently were limited the primitive Church. Of course we believe that God responds to the prays of His people and satisfies their needs according to His Holy intention.
Romans 12:3 - 8;  2 Chorintian 12:13 - 14.

8. We believe in the corporal resurrection of right and the unjust ones, eternal happines of the saves in glory and the eternal and conscious punishment of the lost ones in hell.
Romans 4:24; 1 Timothy 2:5; Revelations 20:4 - 15.

9. We believe that all the believers are called to a life of separation of all practice and worldly and sinful alliance.
Romans 12:2;  2 Chorintian 6:14; James 4:4.

10. We believe that each true son of God owns eternal life and that is justified by the faith in Christ Jesus, without the works and that never can lose their salvation, that when sinning loses their communion with God, but never relation like son. The communion will be recovered by means of the confession of the sin to God.
John 5:24; Ephesian 2:8 - 9;  1 John. 1:9.

11. We believe that there are two decrees in the Church:
A. The baptism by means of the immersion: the baptism is the symbol of the faith in the death, grave and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ B: The comunion:  that it is it a reminder of the death of Christ and Resurreccion, until comes.
1 Chorintian 11:23 - 34.

12. We believe that the civil government comes from God for the interests and the good order of the man in the society, that we must honor them, to pray, and to obey them, the unique exception to this rule is when something is against the will of God.
Acts 4:15 - 19; Romans 13:1 - 7.

Dear brother or friend, please if it has some doubt, it asks or commentary, please does not doubt in contacting us that we will respond to yours questions and we will try to put to us in contact to the greater brevity.

Cristian, Zaida, Stephanie and Josúe
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