Evangelistic Ministry Uruguay - El Lugar

1) - For the different opportunities to preach the Gospel in evangelistic Football Conference on Saturday 14, Sunday Evangelistic Campaign 15, Evangelistic impact on 19 and 20.

2) -
On 5 December, with the Children of Soldiers of Jesus and the Children's Club of Christ Baptist Church comes, we will end our tour of the year. Pray for the provision.

3) - They pray so that we are programming a Evangelistica exit with several Churches for the next Saturday 19 of December, the festival of the Lights 2010, and first we want to prepare the participant Churches.

4) - Also God by means of from the 11 to the 13 of December, we will have the Secund Conference Missionary in our Church Biblia Abierta, pray so that the raised objectives are obtained.

5) - Good by the grace of God, also we are going to be sharing the Word of God, in some Churches and want to glorify to him to and being of blessing to the brothers.

        From already very many thanks, brother beloveds by your prays and all their support, that our good God overwhelms to you with blessings.

With Love in Christ
Montaldi family
Filipenses 1:6

Cristian, Zaida, Stephanie and Josúe
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