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To the Sky
        Many want to go to the sky and to spend the eternity with God, and look for different ways, forms or means of how fixing to their accounts or debts with Him.
         The certain thing is that many are the arguments that are listened to, and every day they appear more.
What will be the true one?
         Over tastes and opinions we can be spent days speaking and the point is to see what God says, the Bible has the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

1) - We must recognize that He is Saint and lost sinful we and the condemned. Romans 3:23 and 6:23

2) - We must recognize that it does not exist any human effort and any good work that can clean our sins. Ephisians 2:8 - 9 and Roman 3:28

3) - We must recognize that God provided perfect means with Salvation sending to Christ to die by our sins and to rise to give the Eternal Life to us.
Acts 4:12, Romans 5:8 and John 3:16

4) - We must recognize that it is our decision if we rejected or we accepted by faith the gift, the forgive of all our sins and eternal life.
John 3:18 and 1:12

5) - If you never listened to this, are impossible that you believe and therefore you are not save.

        Nevertheless friend is not chance that you are here reading this, totally I am convinced that it is God in his loving and infinite grace give you, and is my pray that today you can make the important decision but from your life, is my desire that today you receive to Christ in your heart, like your only, personal and sufficient Savior.

Like to receive to Christ in my heart?
     Word of God says us that if we believe, if we trusted totally, if we have faith in His Son Jesus, if we received to him, He gives forgive us of sins, gives Eternal Life us, and does us his children, happens us of death to life, if your you believe this ask Him in pray in the silence of your heart with faith that is the one who give forgive to you, cleans to you of your sins, pray to Jesus is only whom can forgive and save you.

        Dear friend, please if you have some doubt, asks or commentary, or you took this desicion please put in contact that the taste we will try yet to put to us in contact to the greater brevity.

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