Evangelistic Ministry Uruguay - El Lugar
  Evangelistic Concentrations

Evangelistic Concentrations
    The intention of the concentrations area of the evangelistic ministry in Uruguay is to massively reach the people of the country, through different activities coordinated directly with local churches and together share the gospel with the people, and to integrate them into churches.

Women for God - Nov. 2009
Precious time we present our Lord in the Women's Activity God, we are very grateful to all who helped in one way or another, decorative accessories, with the Conference on Cancer or the Message of the word, thank you very much and glory to God told a woman to accept Christ as his sole and sufficient Savior.

Olimpiedras 2009-Crazy Games

A wonderful time, very thankful to God for the churches involved, by each of the brothers who helped before, during, and after the activity, some 216 people arrived and 9 Young said put your faith in Christ, glory to God .

Children´s Day
    A wonderful time to share the Gospel in schools and churches, about 850 adults and 220 children heard the gospel and accept Christ was expressed by many. Thanks be to our good God, the pastors and brethren of the Churches and Word of Life, by allowing us to serve together, spreading the glorious gospel.

Championship Football 5
    One fine day in sport and sharing the Word, came 10 teams and about 140 people and about 15 young people held a demonstration of faith in Christ. Praise God for his work.
Games and Swimming pool

Women for God -May 2009
    We had a beautiful time to serve the Lord in fellowship of churches with women friends, we appreciate the support of each.

Mother's Day
    God has given us a wonderful opportunity to be a blessing to those over 100 pupils and through them their families.
    A beautiful day to share the Word, food and a mother received Christ into his heart.


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