Evangelistic Ministry Uruguay - El Lugar
  Preching in Churches
Preaching of the Word of God in different Churches

    God has given us very nice opportunity to preach his Word and work with church brothers meet beautiful and wonderful, pray that every day but can be a blessing to God's people in Uruguay.

Our Open Bible Church in the city of La Paz

Baptist Churches of the City of Las Piedras

Baptist Churches in Uruguay Interior Departments

Church of the Brethren in the Province of Cordoba, Argentina

Pray in the next few days we will be traveling to a campaign visit in another department of the Interior.

Cristian, Zaida, Stephanie and Josúe
Phone:  (598)02-3649382 / (589) 097-187066
E-mail:  meu.montaldi@gmail.com
E-mail:  meu.zaida@gmail.com
Skipe:  meu.montaldi
Web-Page:  www.familiamontaldi.es.tl
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